Letter from the Concho Branch Presidency 7/15/2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Concho Branch,

We hope this letter finds you well and hope you know that we love each of you and miss being able to interact with and learn from each of you as well. We know this is a difficult and unique time and look forward to when we will be able to meet together again.  We want to let you know that we have been authorized to hold sacrament meetings starting this Sunday; July 19 at 10 am.  We will attempt to accommodate all attendees each Sunday.  This may not be possible and we might need to split the branch into two groups, with each group alternating weeks on when they attend/have sacrament at home.

❏ Sacrament meeting will be shortened and will be the only meeting at this time.
❏ The branch may need to be divided in half and each half will alternate weeks in coming to church.  For now, we will try and accommodate everyone on the same Sunday.  This could change at anytime.
❏ Members who are in a high risk group are encouraged to remain home, however, they can come if desired.
❏ Family groups may sit together but should try to maintain distance of 6 feet from other family groups.
❏ Priesthood will wear face coverings as they administer the sacrament.
❏ Members are encouraged to wear face coverings.
❏ Hymns will be played but not sung for the time being.
❏ Members are encouraged to avoid congregating for prolonged periods in large groups before or after the meetings.  We will open the side entrance to the chapel to increase entrance/exit flow.
❏ On weeks when your group is not attending you may continue to administer the sacrament at home.
❏ Ministering brothers and sisters should continue to ensure that any of their families who cannot attend (ie high risk group) can receive the sacrament.
❏ After our branch has finished meeting, high traffic areas will need to be sanitized before the next ward starts their meeting; assignments will be made for this.
For those of you in a high risk category we miss each of you. We want you to be safe but also recognize your desire and need to gather with the branch  as well. The First Presidency and Area Seventy are encouraging you to avoid gatherings at this time, however, if you feel like you need to be at our meetings you can do so. We will do all we can to keep it as safe of an environment as possible.

Thank you all for all that you do and we look forward to being able to meet together again.

With Love,
President Andrus, Bro. Larsen, Bro. Millyard
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints
Concho Branch
Concho, AZ