How to Set Up and Use Zoom
Smart Phone Users: Install Zoom Cloud Meetings from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.  Microsoft Windows 10 Users: Install from Microsoft Store. Others - call support.

Smart Phone Users: After Zoom Cloud is installed a small Zoom Icon will show up on your home screen if there is space available.  Else it will show up in the next available icon spot on another screen.  If you cannot find the Zoom icon on one of your screens go to your list of available apps and scroll down to the bottom and you should see the Zoom icon there.   If your are using a Windows laptop or desktop computer, the app will show up on you desktop or in your list of apps.  Click on the Zoom Icon to load Zoom.

The First Time, Zoom will request the user to Sign In, Sign Up or Join a Meeting.  You can Join a Meeting without signing up or signing in.  As such you can listen to the broadcast or participate in the meeting depending on how the meeting is set up.  After clicking on Join a Meeting, you will be proimpted to enter the Meeting ID, your name or password. You can also listen to a braodcast or participate in a meeting if you have a direct link to the meeting sent to you via phone text, messenger, email of a link from a website.  If you choose to Sign Up, you can schedule your own meetings as well.  After you Sign Up and Sign In, you will be given the choice to  create and schedule a new meeting, join an existing meeting, as well as other options.  More training and user guides are available on the internet.
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